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Frequently asked questions

What is an HSA or FSA?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a pre-tax account that lets you set aside money for qualified healthcare expenses. Typically, you can sign up for an HSA when you sign up for a High Deductible Health Plan. These accounts are individually owned so the funds roll over each year and you can take them if you leave your job. 

A Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) is an employer-offered benefit plan that lets you set aside money for qualified healthcare expenses. You can sign up for an FSA if your employer offers this option. It’s important to remember that FSA funds do not roll over at the end of the year (unless your employer allows it) and they immediately are returned to your employer if you leave your job.

Spending with your pre-tax HSA/FSA funds helps you to save 30% to 50% on qualified health expenses. And we’re here to help you maximize your savings.

Sika makes it easy to discover and spend on qualified items at your favorite brands. Just look for Sika at checkout and start spending smarter today.

How can Sika help me save with my FSA/HSA funds?

Sika partners with your favorite brands with HSA/FSA eligible items across multiple categories including feminine care, skin care, and pain relief. You’ll be surprised by how far your HSA/FSA dollars can take you! Click here to see our list of brands. Don’t see a brand you want us to work with? Tell us

How do I know which items are qualified to purchase with HSA/FSA funds?

Many of Sika’s partner brands showcase qualified items with chips like the one shown below to indicate that your HSA/FSA funds are accepted with them. As you’re shopping, be on the lookout for our product chips that help you save with your HSA/FSA dollars! And don’t forget to choose the Sika payment method when you get to checkout.

What if I want to buy something that is not HSA/FSA qualified?

No worries, you can check out with Sika even if your cart contains a mix of items that are HSA/FSA qualified and non-qualified. When you choose Sika, we’ll split your basket and show you the amount you can pay for with your HSA/FSA card. You’ll also be prompted to pay for the remaining items with a credit/debit card.

What if I don’t have my HSA or FSA card with me right now?

Even if you don’t have your HSA/FSA card handy, you can still choose the Sika payment method and check out with your credit/debit card. We will then follow up with an itemized receipt that you can submit to your HSA/FSA administrator. Sika's receipts are in a form accepted by HSA/FSA administrators to ensure that you can reimburse yourself worry-free with your tax-free dollars even when you don’t have your card on hand.

What if I’m running low on my HSA or FSA funds and don’t know my remaining balance?

Your balance is too low to cover your payment, we’ll tell you exactly how much is remaining so that you can spend down to the very last penny. For the remaining amount, just use your non-HSA/FSA debit or credit card and we’ll handle the rest. (Note that some plan administrators do not make the remaining balance eligible to display to customers, in which case you should contact your administrator directly.)

Can I use Sika to spend my HRA?

Unlike HSAs and FSAs, HRAs (or Health Reimbursement Accounts) are specifically funded and owned by your employer. As a result, these accounts might have more strict requirements on how funds can be spent. If you are looking to spend with your HRA funds, it's best to check with your plan administrator or employer first.

What happens to my HSA/FSA funds at the end of the year?

HSA Account Holders

If you have an HSA account, there’s nothing to worry about. Your HSA funds automatically roll over so nothing will change.

FSA Account Holders

If you have an FSA account, you should be aware of your deadline to spend down your account and if your account allows for a certain amount of the funds to roll over. The deadline for FSA accounts is typically the end of the year – December 31st. Some accounts may have a grace period, which typically extends the deadline to March 15th of the following year. Other accounts may have a rollover amount that allows up to $615 (for 2023 plans) to be rolled over to next year’s plan. We recommend you contact your FSA administrator or HR team to understand if your FSA plan has a grace period or allows for rollover.

Note: all purchases, refunds, and reimbursement requests must be completed before the FSA deadline.

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