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The average FSA/HSA wallet is pre-funded with $1,977 per year. Sika lets you seamlessly unlock those wallets as a payment method at your checkout. Get more customers, more spending, and more upsell.

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More upsell

When shoppers pay with Sika at your checkout, they redeem their pre-funded FSA/HSA wallet with a single click. That means they pay $0 out-of-pocket, so they buy more. 55% more, in fact.

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More conversion

Because FSA wallets are “use it or lose it”, 29M FSA walletholders each need to burn as much as $2,850 on something - anything! - by year-end. Sika helps them to burn their cash with you.

More customers

Sika promotes your brand to our audience of 61 million FSA/HSA accountholders, delivering high-intent shoppers straight to your checkout.

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What Sika will do for you

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We help high-intent shoppers to discover your brand

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At your checkout

Shoppers seamlessly redeem their FSA/HSA wallets to purchase your products

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No receipts. No reimbursements. Just repeat customers.

With Sika, you’re in good company


What shoppers are saying

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“With Sika, I pay nothing to buy eligible items – so it feels like I’m getting free stuff, and getting rewarded for staying healthy”
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“Before Sika, I kept burning my FSA bucks on stuff I didn’t need. It’s awesome to discover
how to spend FSA dollars on things I actually want”
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“Who knew that investing in my health and wellness could be so fun? Thanks, Sika!”
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Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Why should I use Sika to accept FSA/HSA payments?

Sika solves all the problems inherent to FSA/HSA transactions: shoppers don’t need to keep their FSA/HSA card to hand, don’t need to split items into separate carts, don’t need to substantiate their purchase, don’t need to file for reimbursement, and don’t experience rejected transactions. Sika is fully IRS-502 compliant and we take full liability for every transaction we process.

Sika will also promote your brand to pre-qualified shoppers. Our partnerships with major FSA/HSA card issuers, who have 20M+ customers between them, mean we’ll introduce your products to millions. You get more customers, more conversion, and more upsell.

I’ve heard that mattresses and massages are FSA/HSA eligible. Is that true?

Yes! From mattresses to skincare and even fitness equipment, there’s a slew of products that shoppers can purchase with their FSA/HSA. Sika’s team of medical and legal experts work with the IRS to determine the eligibility of the specific products in your portfolio, on an ongoing basis. There’s no need for you to do any work whatsoever. And we do this for free.

Does Sika handle any necessary compliance?

Sika’s 100% Compliance GuaranteeTM means we take care of all IRS and legal compliance, and we also assume full liability for all FSA/HSA transactions, so you don’t have to. Now, shoppers can complete their transactions with a single click - and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Let’s do this! How easy is it to integrate Sika?

Sika works with your pre-existing ecommerce platform, and can be integrated in as little as 10 minutes. In some cases, no formal integration is required at all!

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