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out of HSA/FSA

Every year, shoppers contribute an estimated $150B into HSA/FSA accounts but struggle to spend those funds, largely due to complex and confusing payment processes. Sika Health is on a mission to ensure customers can access and spend their HSA/FSA funds on items they want, when they want, hassle-free!

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Man holding green mug on the phone

The frictionless HSA/FSA payment gateway

Sika Health enables online shoppers to pay using their HSA/FSA funds as easily as spending a gift card. No eligibility checks, paperwork or delays – customers simply select Sika Health's payment gateway at checkout, enter their HSA/FSA card details. We take care of the rest.

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Partnerships that power seamless health spending

We partner with merchants and HSA/FSA administrators and government regulators to guarantee shoppers a seamless way to invest in their health. No more guesswork or card declines - we've got you covered!

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Help your customers discover endless ways to save with FSA or HSA

Baby Care
Feminine Hygiene
Fitness Equipment
Gym Memberships
Hearing Aids
Massage Therapy
Pain Relief
Pregnancy Care
Vitamins & Supplements

What shoppers are saying

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I love to be able to use Sika instead of carrying around my HSA card...which usually lives in a random desk drawer. Can’t tell you how many HSA-eligible purchases I’ve made on my regular card bc I didn’t have my HSA nearby, then never submitted for reimbursement because it’s such a pain.
Polly P
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Using Sika allowed me to easily spend on my feminine care products without having to submit a receipt to my administrator at PayFlex. It was just so easy!
Laura S
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That was so easy to use! I love how Sika allows me to easily spend and save with my tax-free health funds.
Terry T
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Sika is a very easy shopping experience - it’s super clear what amount I can spend my HSA funds on and being able to complete the transaction with one click. Shopping with Sika makes me feel confident and relieved.
Shannon B
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Sike made it seamless to use my flex spending funds and even allowed me to cover the balance once I ran it out using my credit cart…I makes it so I don’t have to worry about how to spend money I’ve already set aside.
Chris C

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