The one-stop, fully integrated HSA, FSA, and HRA payment solution

Accept HSA/FSA payments on your e-commerce store and unlock the billions of dollars sitting idly in HSA and FSA accounts today.
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Unlock more than $150B in new spending via HSA/FSA payment integration

Sika enables millions of online shoppers to pay using their HSA/FSA funds as easily as spending with a gift card. No eligibility checks, paperwork, or delays - customers simply select the Sika payment method, enter their HSA/FSA card details, and that’s it!

Why Sika?

Encourage more than 61 million high-intent HSA/FSA account-holders to your online store.


See increased conversion and upsell from customers who have money sitting idly in their HSA/FSA accounts, these are dollars that have already been paid!


Enable your shoppers to purchase using their health wallets directly from you rather than from third-parties. This enables positive brand loyalty and better ownership of your customer journey.

Basket without Sika
Basket with Sika

Case Study: 30% increase in basket size

Since implementing Sika, an online feminine care company has seen shoppers utilizing HSA/FSA funds spend more than 30% more in their baskets compared to regular credit/debit card shoppers. This company tells us this is due to their customers considering their HSA/FSA funds as “already spent” and are therefore willing to buy more items to ensure the funds are not lost.

Eligible Inventory Management

Our IIAS-software-as-a-service directly integrates with your existing inventory management system to update HSA/FSA product eligibility in real-time and ensure water-tight regulatory and tax compliance.

Online Payments

We offer a seamless e-commerce payment gateway, allowing you to accept HSA/FSA payments directly  at the point of sale.

Letter of Medical Necessity

We provide all necessary compliance documentation including a Letter of Medical Necessity for conditionally eligible purchases like vitamins and fitness equipment - it’s like getting a Doctor’s Note right at checkout!

Guaranteed Eligibility

We handle the back-office regulatory work to ensure qualifying products are 100% eligible with all major HSA/FSA administrators.


We help drive traffic to your store via our online marketplace, so consumers know exactly where to spend their unused HSA/FSA funds.

Card Splitting

Easily handle mixed eligibility carts by accepting multiple payment methods for an order via a single, seamless payment experience.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Sika to accept HSA/FSA payments?

Sika makes the entire process of accepting HSA/FSA payments simple and easy, without sacrificing compliance! When you install the Sika payment method, your customers can pay using their HSA/FSA debit cards in seconds and with the certainty that the transaction will go through. No more card declines, and no more headaches!

I’ve heard that mattresses and massages are HSA/FSA eligible. Is that true?

Yes! From mattresses to skincare, supplements to fitness equipment, there’s a slew of products that shoppers can purchase with their HSA/FSA funds. Sika’s team of medical and legal experts work with the IRS and regulatory agencies to determine the eligibility of the specific products in your portfolio on an ongoing basis. There’s no need for you to do any work whatsoever. This is all part of our offering.

Does Sika handle any necessary compliance?

Yes! With Sika, you don't ever have to worry about compliance again. Now shoppers can pay with HSA/FSA in seconds, and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Let’s do this! How easy is it to integrate Sika?

Sika works with many e-commerce platforms out of the box. Installation can take as few as 20 minutes! If you have a Custom checkout, we offer white-glove installation as well. Whatever your needs, we will help you be successful!

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