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Got an FSA or HSA? Use Sika to buy an exercise bike, massages, eyewear, probiotics, test kits, and more - without paying another dime. Join the buy now, you’ve already paid revolution.

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Huh? How Does that Work?

1. Shop

Shop online and select Sika at payment step of checkout.

2. Link

Sign up and link your FSA/HSA account with Sika one time.

3. Redeem

Redeem and pay $0.00 on eligible items every time you shop.

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With Sika, you’re in good company


What shoppers are saying

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“With Sika, I pay nothing to buy eligible items – so it feels like I’m getting free stuff, and getting rewarded for staying healthy”
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“Before Sika, I kept burning my FSA bucks on stuff I didn’t need. It’s awesome to discover
how to spend FSA dollars on things I actually want”
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“Who knew that investing in my health and wellness could be so fun? Thanks, Sika!”
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